This Maine Coon Has A Need For Adventure That Must Be Fulfilled! His Owners Help Him Do Just That!

Say hello to Otie! He’s a fluffy Maine Coon that loves to go on adventures! His human parents rescued him when he was just a tiny feral kitten. And while he found a forever home, he still loves the great outdoors! Thankfully, where he lives, the great outdoors is practically his backyard!

Otie and his family live in Montana. With Montana’s wide-open spaces and Great Plains, it makes it the perfect place for exploration. And Otie, with his sense of wonder and adventure, definitely likes to take advantage of what the state has to offer. He and his owners take part in all different activities to please his adventurous soul. So far Otie has climbed trees, gone fishing, went hiking, took his chance on the water with boat rides, gone camping, and he’s even gone horseback riding! What a life (I’m kind of jealous)! And out of all his experiences and adventures, Otie favors road trips above all else.

YouTube- The Dodo

YouTube- The Dodo

At the mere mention of ‘going for a ride,’ Otie lights up! He get’s so excited; it’s amusing to watch! Once in the car, this fluff ball has no qualms about sticking his head out the window and enjoying the wind whipping through his fur as he and his owner drive through the magnificent scenery. And on these drives, Otie has meant all sorts of creatures. He’s encountered buffalos, moose, and sheep!

And while Otie spends his days feeding his adventurous spirit, at the end of the day, he, like all others, loves to have a place that he can call home!

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