This Orphaned Tiger Was Saved From Frostbite. Two Years Later… This Is Incredible!

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Zolushka (Russian for Cinderella), a Siberian tiger, whose mother was likely killed by poachers, was found alone with frostbite in 2012. Thankfully, the International Fund for Animal Welfare rescued and rehabilitated her in 2013. Once she was healthy enough, she was released back into the wild with hope that she’d prosper on her own. Not only did she prosper, but she now has her own family!

Two years later, cameras in Russia’s Bastak Nature Reserve, shows what Zolushka looks like now, with two young cubs by her side! She is the first-ever rehabilitated Siberian tiger to give birth to cubs in the wild. Seeing her little family together is such a beautiful sight! It’s amazing to know that she is now healthy and has given birth to two healthy cubs. The Siberian tiger is very rare and only about 500 of these remain in the wild. With Zolushka bringing these two cubs into the world, the population of tigers in the nature reserve where they live has doubled!

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