Orphaned Baby Squirrel Followed A Dog Home And Now They’re Inseparable

The maternal instinct is one of the strongest forces in the world.

A beautiful example of this is the sweet relationship that exists between a dog and her adopted baby squirrel.

Everly was the friendly and loving pit bull whose maternal instinct was kicked into overdrive when she encountered a little orphaned squirrel. Given that Everly was already a very nurturing and caring dog by nature, it made sense that she would take to the little baby in need straight away.

But it’s a part of the pit bull breed. Contrary to their reputation as being blood-thirsty animals, they’re actually very calm dogs with gentle demeanors. In fact, during the 19th century, the breed was often referred to as “nanny dogs” because they were known to be quite loyal, kind, and patient with children.

There was no doubt that Everly was the embodiment of all these wonderful traits. And she definitely is a dog who loves to make friends with all those around her – including other animals.

That is why, when a baby squirrel came into the picture, Everly was the first to welcome it with open arms. In fact, Everly’s owner, Morgan Joy Groves, was unfazed by her dog’s reaction to the little orphan as she knew just how sweet Everly could be.

The incident occurred when the pair were out on a walk. They spotted a little squirrel, who was seemingly all alone.

The squirrel was a baby and needed a mother figure. It probably sensed that the sweet dog would be a perfect fit.

As the pair continued on their walk, the little baby squirrel kept following them – eventually making it all the way home with them.

Once back home, when Everly laid down, the little squirrel took the opportunity to get even closer. The little orphan took the chance to get close to Everly, climbing on top of her, curling up, and taking a nice little nap with Everly. She was only happy to indulge him.

From there, Everly and the squirrel became inseparable.

The sweet dog was very diligent at taking care of him, and was a natural-born foster mom, taking care of him, and raising him with lots of love and care.

Of course, she couldn’t keep him forever, and eventually, the little squirrel had to go live in a wildlife center in order for him to receive the best care possible.

Groves and Everly had to surrender over the baby squirrel, and there, he got to grow up with two other squirrels – all which will eventually be released back into the wild when they’re ready.


However, it did not diminish the amount of love that Everly had for her little foster squirrel. And we have no doubt that the squirrel will forever be grateful to his foster mommy for taking care of him and giving him a good start in life.

The people on the internet were absolutely touched by the cuteness of it all, with many people posting comments:

“I’m obsessed with these two!!”

“Amazing and Beautiful <3 <3”

“Just adorable…how great to be part of something so beautiful. <3”

“So happy we stumbled across this adorable story of friendship.”

“Heartwarming and so sweet <3”

“Always beautiful to see a cross-species relationship <3”

While Everly’s squirrel baby is now living at a wildlife center, it doesn’t stop her from her mothering duties. She’s regularly found snuggling up with her cat.


What do you think? Have you ever heard of squirrel adopting a dog mom?

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