These Baby Birds Lost Their Parents, But Now They Have THIS To Keep Them Safe And Warm!

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These three baby birds were rescued from a tree that had been cut down. They were found all alone and their parents were nowhere in sight. The woman whose tree was cut down heard the baby birds crying and called Australia’s Wildcare Inc. NT. The birds are parrots but they are unsure of the species until they grow their feathers in.

Their caretaker said that at first they were very restless without their parents, but she came up with a perfect idea. An organization called Cuddle Buddies does something unique and special for rescued animals with their plush toys. The stuffed animals have tickers in them that mimic a mother animal’s heartbeat. Their caretaker gave them the stuffed animal and they immediately snuggled with it. It definitely helped to calm them down and help them fall asleep!

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