These Baby Koalas Were Found All Alone. Now, They’re Staying Cozy Until They’re Ready For The Wild

Koalas may be adorable, but they are facing an unfortunate future. Due to humans ruining their native lands, the animals have become endangered. Fortunately, organizations such as Friends Of The Koala are working hard to rescue those animals in need.

The organization operates off of the generosity of their donors. They devote themselves to doing whatever they need to do to help out these sweet creatures. Providing food, shelter and love is no easy feat, but moments like the ones in the video below make it all worth it.

The recent footage below shows baby koalas, Balou and Nino. Orphaned at birth, the organization rescued the tiny animals and nursed them back to health. After getting them back into good heath, the next step in the animals’ recovery is to prepare them to return to the wild. Balou and Nino are absolutely adorable! Check it out for yourself.

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