Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This Orphan Otter Pup Learning The Ways Of The Otter World!

I’m not quite sure you are ready for this level of cute. A baby otter, who was crying and alone, was found by a passerby on a California beach. She was taken to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where it was determined she was only a week old, and had been away from her mother for at least 16 hours. The caring staff at the aquarium spent weeks stabilizing her and getting her back to a healthy condition. Once she was in stable condition, she was transferred to the famous Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, where she will receive around the clock care and nurturing from experts. Since she was found so young, she has to learn how to be an otter without a mother’s guidance. Aquarium experts are teaching her how to groom, forage, feed, and regulate her own body temperature. Her handlers report that she is making great progress, and that she is “otterly” adorable!

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