She Spotted A 105-Year-Old Orca In The Water. The Photos She Captured Are Breathtaking!

Killer whales are some of the most majestic animals in the world. Seeing them leap from the water is absolutely jaw-dropping. One Orca was seen jumping in the wild, but when the photographer realized who it was, she was shocked.

Granny the Orca is the oldest living Orca on the planet. Experts estimate she is at least 105 years old, but her age shows no sign of slowing her down. The most recent images of the animal shows her jumping and leaping the air like a child.

Granny the Orca

These breathtaking images were captured by Orca Network photographer Heather MacIntyre off of the coast of San Juan Island. Granny was also joined by some of her family members. They joined in on all the leaping fun.

Unfortunately, these types of sightings have become pretty rare as the species is danger and could one day be extinct.

“Moments like this are bittersweet,” MacIntyre told The Dodo. “These whales are dying because they don’t have enough to eat. People don’t realize that if we don’t do something to protect their food supply, we’re not going to see them anymore. They’ll all be dead in 20 years.”

Granny the Orca

One of the main issues facing these animals is the lack of an abundant food source. The Chinook salmon is a main staple in the diet of Orcas. The fish is dying off, making it hard for the whales to feed their families.

“We’ve lost 95 percent of our Chinook salmon out here,” said MacIntyre. “Still, we’re overfishing these salmon, and dams are still inhibiting their migration routes. It’s unsustainable, yet people keep buying salmon. It’s a huge problem.”

Granny the Orca

Somehow, Granny has been able to continue finding enough food to support her family, but experts worry about how long she can continue to provide.

“Granny has seen the days of 100 pound salmon. She’s seen those days,” MacIntyre said. “Now, with the salmon disappearing, she could be the last hope. We don’t know how long she’s going to live. I hope we can show the same compassion for her family that she does by taking action to protect them.”

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