This Company Stands Up For Orcas’ Freedom By Doing THIS…And It’s A Real Tear-Jerker!

Munchkin, a maker of children’s products, has been making a top-selling orca bath toy for the past ten years. But now they have announced that they will discontinue this product in support of SeaWorld’s captive orcas. In their new ad, which you can watch in the video below, they portray this in a tear-jerking way using a little boy that releases his toy orca into the ocean where it belongs, because “a bathtub just isn’t big enough for an orca.”

Also, through November 16, Munchkin will donate 100 percent of their proceeds to Whale and Dolphin Conservation! CEO Steven Dunn also said he reached out to SeaWorld’s CEO to personally pledge $1 million toward a coastal sanctuary if the company agrees to release Tilikum to the new habitat.

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