This Pre-School Has The CUTEST Students EVER!

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Orangutans usually stay with their mothers for at least seven years, so when they end up orphaned, it’s really hard for them to grow up without guidance. That’s where this awesome school comes in! The International Animal Rescue center for orangutans in Ketapang, Indonesia, is home to 102 orphaned orangutans, where they live, learn and grow up together. It’s referred to as a “forest school,” which in layman’s terms is basically an orangutan preschool!

These infant orangutans are basically the same as baby humans! They don’t know how to live on their own, they don’t always know right from wrong, and they also don’t know how to hang from trees on their own yet. At this school, they are learning all of these things, plus how to play with each other as well as what to eat and what not to eat. Eventually these orangutans will be released back into the wild once they gain the necessary skills to survive on their own. Watch the video about these adorable little guys below:

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