Have You Ever Seen An Orange Langur Before? They’re One Of The World’s Rarest Primates!

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Taronga Zoo, in Sydney, Australia, is celebrating the birth of one of the world’s rarest monkeys, a bright orange Francois’ Langur. He was born on November 7 and was named ‘Nangua’ after the Mandarin word for pumpkin, which is fitting since he is a beautiful orange color. Unfortunately, this species is endangered with about 800 thought to be left in the wild. They are found in dense forest, limestone cliffs and tropical and subtropical caves in south-west China and northern Vietnam. Nangua is the fourth langur to be born at Taronga Zoo, the only one in the region to breed this species.


Taronga Zoo

Watch the way his mother, Meili, holds him and takes care of him. It’s definitely a sweet sight to see! The zookeeper says that another monkey in the group, Noel, carries the baby about 50 percent of the time to give Meili a break. But when Nangua cries, she goes right back over to him. They also say that the father, Bobo, is very protective over Nangua. What a cute family!

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