Opossum Mom And Her Babies Were Stuck Under A Fence, But Rescuers Made Sure They Got Out Safely

Rescuers from Wildlife Emergency Services came to save a mama opossum and her babies who were stuck under a fence, unable to get out on their own.

The babies were lying on their mother’s back, so the rescuers got all three of them and put them in a crate to keep them safe while they tried to help their mom.

wildlife emergency services

wildlife emergency services

That’s when they realized that there were a lot more babies than just three! They were hiding underneath their mom in her pouch. One of them laid on the ground and looked to be unconscious, but with a little bit of chest compressions, he opened his eyes and began moving again.

With some pushing and pulling, the woman was finally able to get the mom out from under the fence. The mom was obviously afraid and was hissing at her rescuers. They put her in the crate and reunited her with her babies.

wildlife emergency services

wildlife emergency services

She had wounds on her from the fence, so she and her babies will be taken back to their clinic where they will be checked over and rehabilitated. Then they’ll eventually be released back into the wild once they’ve healed.

Many people think opossums are “gross” or “scary looking,” but they deserve a good life just as much as any other animal! They have feelings just like us and other animals, and luckily this opossum family is getting a second chance and even get to stay together!

Watch their rescue in the video below:

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