They Were About To Put Him To Sleep. But Moments Prior, They Found Out THIS.

This Shetland Sheepdog named Ollie, from Portland, Oregon, went on a camping trip last month with his humans. After the trip, he became paralyzed out of nowhere and they had no idea why. They brought him to the vet who ran tests on him, but he couldn’t figure out the problem either.

He couldn’t stand, walk or go to the bathroom. Since he was unable to move, Ollie’s owner made the hard decision of putting him to sleep. A visiting veterinary student, Neena Golden, was preparing him for the procedure when she found a tick. They immediately removed it, and Dr. Stone diagnosed him with tick paralysis. They shaved Ollie to make sure he didn’t have any more on him. After the right medical care, Ollie was back to normal! If it weren’t for this vet student and paw-some doctor, Ollie may not be alive today!

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