Family Moves Away And Leaves Their Dog Behind, Tied To A Heap Of Garbage Outside In The Cold To Die

It’s understandable that people fall on hard times, but that is never an excuse to leave a pet behind if you have to move.

Especially being left behind outside in the cold to die. Ollie, a pit bull and lab mix, and his doggy sibling, was left behind by his family when they moved away.

They were left out with the trash, just like their owners perceived them to be.

Rescuers from the Detroit-area animal welfare group DAWG received a call about one of the dogs roaming around the neighborhood. They went there to check it out and were told that the family came back to get the smaller pup, but not Ollie.

Ollie was found tied to a trash heap on the curb, left out in the freezing cold for over a week. Not only was he freezing, but he was severely emaciated. Rescuers did not hesitate to take him in and get him better. He is currently recovering from a broken femur, but will be up for adoption once he is healthy.

It’s hard to believe how anyone could do this to an innocent animal. But despite what Ollie has been through, he is still extremely affectionate and has so much love to give!

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