For Dogs Growing Old Gracefully, Senior Living Just Got A Lot More Fun

For dogs growing older, shelter-living can be extremely stressful. That’s why a place like Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is the perfect place for seniors to spend their remaining years.

According to Old Friend’s Facebook Page: “We are a Forever Foster home based sanctuary currently housing 50 senior dogs at the sanctuary with over 150 more in forever foster homes.
We are located in Mount Juliet Tennessee, just east of Nashville.”

They sound pretty darn awesome to me!

No matter what age, dogs will be dogs… and dogs are pack animals! Being alone in a cage is cruel enough but with aching joints and specific dietary needs, shelter living IS NOT senior-friendly.

Senior dogs also make wonderful additions to your family and should never be counted out in the adoption process. They may move at a slower pace which is pawfect for families looking for a dog who likes cuddle time more than playtime.

ALL dogs deserve a safe place to call home and a comfy place to rest their sweet heads. Thanks to places like Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary more dogs are getting that chance during their golden years.

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