Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Wants Your Old Bras To Help Injured Turtles

Old bras that once offered support to woman can still be of use – for turtles.

You may be wondering how a tiny turtle can benefit from an old bra, but Carolina Waterfowl Rescue explains how.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue strives to take in the unwanted, unloved, abused and forgotten animals in society. The all-volunteer group donates their expertise and time to help animals in need.

Photo: Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

80% of turtles that come into the rescue are hit by cars. The number of injured turtles increases in the summer, especially when it rains. One volunteer said that when it rains the turtles are on the move to lay eggs. However, some turtles are hit by cars that crack their shells.

Here is where the old bras come into play. Staff use the hook and eye fasteners along with tape, glue and wire to repair a turtle’s cracked shell.

Photo: Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Don’t throw your old bras away! Instead, pack them up and send them to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue to help save injured turtles. They only need both sides of the back strap (see the photo below).

Photo: Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

“Recycle something that would go into a landfill. I mean they are helping a turtle, and who doesn’t want to help a turtle?”

Photos: Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

While old bras are helpful, they are also in need of donations to provide medication and food to the turtles. They recently took in the eggs of a turtle that was killed by a car. The babies hatched and are now being cared for by the volunteers.

Photos: Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Thank you to all the kind-hearted people that volunteer to save the lives of wild animals.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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