What These Guys Did For This Homeless Old Dog Pulled At EVERY Heart String I Have!

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This Video Is NOT Suitable for all viewers. The depiction in this video is graphic, although the sentiment is beautiful.

Ol’ Boy spent his entire life on the street; living off of of rain water and leftovers given from local shop owners, he never had a warm, loving home. These two boys found him injured, weak and very ill. Ol’ Boy had malnutrition, dehydration, ticks all over his body and when they brought him to the vet – suspected cancer. Ol’ Boy didn’t have much time left.

As weak and sick as he was though, he made it known that he enjoyed the love and attention that he was getting for the first time in his entire life. When someone would pet him he would relax and the second they stopped, he would cry out for more… all he wanted was to be loved and to belong.

Seeing Ol’ Boy in this heart-wrenching state, there was a decision to be made: to put him to sleep, or to let him pass naturally. Knowing how much he loved the affection, the boys made the decision to take him home and allow him to pass loved, taken care of and peacefully.

This video seriously pulled at EVERY heart string in my body, but it seriously shows how wonderful human kind can be and overall, even though short, Ol’ Boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge knowing that he was loved and will be greatly missed.

In Loving Memory of Ol’ Boy

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