Oklahoma Museum Is Looking For Pen Pals For Its Lonely Cats Amid Social Isolation

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Philbrook Museum of Art is putting out an unusual request. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to close, they are now looking for penpals to write to their garden cats.

“The cats are lonely and would love to hear from you. Write them a letter and they’ll write back,” the museum shared on facebook.

Cleo and Perilla are the two felines that are waiting for letters. Anybody can write them a letter between April 12 through April 26 and the fun part is, the cats will write back!

The museum’s website says that Cleo and Perilla are two of the three cats that perform an invaluable service when they are working in the Philbrook’s gardens.

“They help with pest control and the guests love them. Our cats live a lavish life with heat in the winter and A/C in the summer,” the site reads. “Keep an eye out and your camera ready on your next visit. They’re quite used to the paw-parazzi at this point.”


“Perilla is the one who’s really in charge. Happy to sit around most of the day and let others do the work, she’s not only treated like royalty, she acts like it too,” the descriptions adds. “Favorite historical figure: Cleopatra.”

Cleo, whose name is actually Cleome, tends to keep to herself. According to the museum, she is the youngest of the three felines.

“Cleome was dropped here as a kitten. We’ve raised her like our own ever since,” the museum writes. “Don’t be fooled by that sweet little face, she’s a hunter at heart. All of our cats provide a certain level of pest control. Cleome seems to think it’s a competition. Favorite movie: The Terminator.”

The formal gardens at the Museum are inspired by Villa Lante, an Italian country estate north of Rome. The museum had to close its doors and the garden to the public on March 16 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Our team will continue to monitor the situation daily and share updates including when we will reopen,” museum officials shared on their website. “We strive every day to make a more creative and connected community. This is not just because of a building and 25 acres of grounds. We can and will continue this mission through every platform available to us.”

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