Cop Found Pup Chained In Old Building. Once He Saw The Look In Her Eyes, He Knew He Had To Keep Her

NYPD officer Joshua Sailor was checking out an abandoned building, but he never could have imagined what he was about to find. As he made his way upstairs, he came across a dog who was locked in a tiny crate-size room.

The eight-month-old pit bull stared back at the officer with helpless, sad eyes. The dog had a heavy chain wrapped around her neck and was tied to the gate, which only gave her enough room to stand up and nothing else.

One of the walls was torn up, which made it obvious that she was eating and chewing at it because she was so hungry and bored.

The poor dog was in horrible shape. She was severely emaciated, and you could see the defined lines of her spine, hip bone and ribs.

When Sailor took the dog out of there, she gave him a look like she was saying, “thank you for getting me out of there.”

In that moment, Sailor knew he couldn’t let her go. He named her Mila and brought her to the ASPCA to be examined and treated. Once she was healthier, the two of them were reunited and have been inseparable ever since.

“It was like when you wake up on Christmas morning as a little kid and you see all the presents downstairs,” Sailor said. “She 100 percent needed me, but I 100 percent needed her too.”

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