This Octopus Finds A Coconut Shell. What He Does Next? So Smart!

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Underwater footage shows this octopus carrying a coconut shell across the ocean floor. But the reason why shows just how smart these little creatures are. They collect the shells, finding the best ones, to use as protective shelters later on. If they have one half, they turn it over and hide underneath. But if they were lucky enough to get two halves, then they put them back into the original closed coconut form and hide inside. Scientists say this is the first example of tool use in octopuses.

Dr. Mark Norman, head of science at Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, studied these octopuses. “I think it is amazing that those arms of pure muscle get turned into rigid rods so that they can run along a bit like a high-speed spider,” he said. “It comes down to amazing dexterity and coordination of eight arms and several hundred suckers.”

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