Nutmeg Just Turned 31, Making Him 129 In Cat Years. WHOA.

In 1990, Liz and Ian Finlay found their soulmate in their backyard: a stray cat in need of medical attention and a fur-ever home. He was suffering from an abscess on his neck, and the Finlays took him in with open paws and open hearts.

They immediately took him to the Cats Protection League, where it was determined that Nutmeg was approximately 5 years old, making him, now, the World’s Oldest Cat. But because there is no official documentation, Nutmeg can’t claim the title which is still being held by Cordroy at 26 years of age.

The Finlays feel this in unjust and are still fighting to find the proof they need to give Nutmeg the title he deserves.

Nevertheless, Nutmeg still deserves a crown of his own! This handsome boy, now graying as he gets on in years, is still enjoying life like a spring-kitten!

Last year, he suffered a stroke, but still pulled through. Some cats may have 9 lives, but Nutmeg, he just may have something greater…

What keeps him young, you may ask? According to his humans, it’s all about the gravy! That is, chicken and gravy. YUM! Nutmeg only has three teeth left but he can still eat chicken and gravy like a champ! NOM NOM NOM!

This handsome feline is proof that you’re only as old as you feel. How would you celebrate your 129th birthday?

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