It’s Mealtime For These Hungry Piglets. But When They Start To Eat, Listen To The Mama Pig!

This mama pig, named Iris, is lying down nursing her litter of hungry piglets. But while she is feeding them, she grunts out a tune for her babies. But this tune isn’t just music to their ears. According to a study on how mother pigs nurse, the grunting has been suggested to alert the pigs and to attract them to the udder to start suckling.

The grunting speed can be regarded as “a vocal signal to the piglets: a low speed indicates that milk is not yet available and thus, promotes massaging, whereas a sudden increase in the grunting speed indicates that a milk ejection will occur within a few seconds.” Although it sounds like a sweet serenade by Iris, she is just doing her job as a mother. Way to go, Iris!

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