Dog Returned To Family 4 Years After Being Stolen And Disguised

Four years ago, the Hart family thought they had lost their dog Nukka forever.

While out at a dance competition, the family got a disturbing call from one of their neighbors. Their front door had been opened, and Nukka had escaped.

Like most families do when they lose a beloved pet, the Harts began putting up lot dog posters all around their community. Then they noticed, someone else was taking them down.

Source: Twitter/chrisntoovi
Nukka was stolen from the Hart home more than 4 years ago.

According to FOX 11, they soon received a letter that said Nukka was dead, and that they should stop looking for her.

“The letter always struck us. It didn’t seem right,” father Josh Hart told FOX. “It didn’t feel right.”

Nukka had been microchipped, but the chip was never scanned; The Harts were concerned.

They were right to be.

Source: Twitter/threedogsnappin
Nukka was stolen by a woman who tried to disguise her with a black stripe.

Four years later police came to the Hart’s door with some information on their lost dog.

“He said ‘Do you have a dog that came missing?'” Rachel Hart recalled the visit from police. “He actually used the word stolen…I just put my hands over my mouth and I said ‘husky’… we said husky at the same time.”

The officers told Hart that a woman in the neighborhood had taken Nukka when she found the dog wandering outside. It was the same woman who took the lost dog posters down, and told the Harts that Nukka was dead, and to give up their search.

The woman was so intent on keeping Nukka, she disguised her with a dyed black stripe.

Stealing someone’s dog is a felony in Georgia, but the Hart’s don’t intend to press charges. They’re more than happy with their furry friend back home.

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