10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Dog

Even the most dedicated dog lovers know that puppy parenthood is not for everyone. Some folks don’t have enough room at home, others don’t have room in their finances. Some folks would love to adopt a pup but aren’t sure if they have enough time to dedicate to a furry friend.

But there are some people who should never, ever adopt a dog. If you fall into one of these categories, best be wary before you adopt. Here are 10 telltale signs you should not get a dog:

1. You need your personal space

Sure, you may still get some time to yourself after adoption, but dogs of all types are pack animals, and they want to be with their pack! Dogs don’t want to miss any of the action happening in their family, and they’ll feel sad and left out if they’re not allowed to participate. Even large dogs don’t always realize they don’t quite fit on your lap!

2. You prefer to be stressed

Petting and playing with a pup can reduce stress levels. Seriously—studies have shown that petting a dog can help reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels and drop blood pressure. Pet owners also “bounce back” more quickly from stressful situations. It’s probably a little-known benefit of bouncing that ball over, and over, and over.

3. You’d rather be tolerated than adored

Hey, not everyone wants the confidence boost that comes when a creature loves you with every fur on their body and thinks that you’re the best human in the world. If you’re not big on affection or undying loyalty, then you may want to consider a cat.

4. You hate throwing things

This alone does not disqualify you from dog ownership as there are a few breeds who don’t like fetch. But many breeds do—they really, really do. They’ll chase a stick, a ball, small appliances… whatever you can throw. So if you can’t muster up the energy to toss a ball in exchange for mind-blowing canine excitement, it could be you weren’t meant for dog ownership.

5. Your life experience has not taught you how to deal with poo

We don’t know of any dog owners who actually like this aspect of the job. But whether your puppy pal is large or small, there will be a lot of poo involved. Being responsible means a lot of scooping and a lot of bagging. Oh, and to those people who think it’s funny to bag dog poo and throw it up in a tree—you’re not ready.

6. You prefer judgmental friends

If you’re always in need of someone to point out what you’re doing wrong, a dog may not be a good choice. If you don’t want to get bogged down by positive feedback, then steer clear of the animal shelter. But if, for a change, you’re looking for someone who thinks you are the absolute most bestest human ever and is always glad to see you, then you may be a candidate for dog adoption!

7. You can’t handle stinky

Okay, we already discussed that there will be dog poo involved in dog ownership. But what about the joy your dog feels when he finds a dead fish to roll in? What about the dog farts? The dog breath? What if your furry friend tips over the garbage because he thought he smelled some old pizza in there? Oh, there will be smells. Stinky, stinky smells. Be ready, dog-lovers.

8. You hate the outdoors

Even if you have a couch-potato pup, he or she is going to want to venture out now and again. All dogs need some exercise and to go out and use the bushes now and then. If a Saturday hike through the forest with a four-legged friend sounds like the best thing ever, then you’re good to go, but if you’d rather avoid fresh air at all costs, then make sure you get one of those rare dogs who feels the same.

9. You’ve never watched puppy videos on YouTube

It’s so easy to invest an entire afternoon watching videos of corgis running in slow motion, golden retrievers meeting new babies, or puppies going down stairs for the first time. And really, how can so much cuteness be a waste of time? But if you’ve never watched cute online doggie videos, then you shouldn’t be thinking about adopting a dog—you should be busy catching up on all the cuteness.

10. You don’t like PDA

If you’re a refined person who thinks affection doesn’t belong in public, be wary of falling in love with a dog. Your pup won’t care who’s watching when they want to give you a big wet kiss. If you don’t want to deal with some slobbery PDA now and then, a dog may not be right for you!

So, did you make it? Are you still a candidate for dog adoption? If so, visit your local shelter soon! If you love dogs but you know it’s just not the right time to adopt, you can still help shelter animals by shopping at the animal rescue site!

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