Dog Survives Massive Landslide In Norway

We have seen our fair share of natural disasters in recent years. It is a frightening prospect, especially if you happen to be in the crosshairs. In Norway, drones captured footage of the coastline in the city of Alta being pushed into the sea within minutes.

The area that was affected was approximately half a mile wide and 131 feet above sea level. A landslide occurred that swept away eight buildings. Local officials say that no reports of human injury or death occurred, but the buildings were lost.

Torfinn Halvari of Denmark’s police force told Norway’s NTB newswire that they were still looking into the possibility of lives lost as a result of the landslide.

According to a report on The Local, “We still have on-site crews working to assess landslide security or the danger of new landslides. We cannot say with any certainty that no one has been taken.” Since being posted, the clip has gone viral as people can’t believe what they are seeing.

“This is mad. Even the earth wants to get away from 2020!” one person posted in response to the footage on Twitter.

“2020 just doesn’t quit!” added another.

Halvari reports that there was a dog that was swept away during the disaster but he managed to swim back to shore. The pup was then rescued by an emergency rescue team using a helicopter. Nobody is sure as of yet if the dog has been returned to its owner.

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