Noel May Have Gotten The Short Straw In The Gene Pool, But She Didn’t Let That Stop Her!

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This beautiful pup, named Noel, was born a Double Merle, a genetic abnormality that affects many improperly-bred Australian Shepherds. When both paw-rents carry the gene, their pups can be born with a white coat, hearing deficiencies and vision defects. Noel got all three. Sadly, many of these dogs are unwanted and abandoned. But luckily, Noel defied the odds.

Although Noel is a special needs dog, you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at her. She still acts like a normal pup and doesn’t know she’s any different. She lives at home with three other doggy pals who help her out and has a very loving family. Noel just goes to show that people should give more special needs dogs a chance! Learn more about Noel in the video below:

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