He Was Blind, Paralyzed, And Found In The Dirt. Now, He’s Inspiring Lives All Over The Country!

Noah, a white Bichon poodle mix, was found in the dirt at a backyard breeder in California when he was just five months old. Emaciated at just two pounds, Noah’s odds were stacked against him while trying to compete for the little food him and his two siblings were given. Born without eyes and deformed back legs, this little guy was helpless. That’s when the rescue Saving K9 Lives found him.


Lisa Marie saw a picture of Noah on Facebook, and within five minutes, she was already filling out an application to adopt her. Lisa Marie was already a dog-mom to one blind dog and had been looking to help another one.


Soon after, Noah was on his way from California to Wisconsin to his new furever home, equipped with a donated wheelchair and custom Muffin’s Halo to help him navigate through life. It didn’t take long for Lisa Marie to find out about Noah’s unique personality.


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