New Jersey Will Allow ‘Barbaric Methods’ In Impending Black Bear Hunt, Including Killing Cubs

Animal activists are outraged over the impending black bear trophy hunt in New Jersey where hunters will be allowed to bait bears with piles of sugary food. But it gets worse.

The Humane Society of the United States posted that the hunt scheduled to start this month will allow trophy hunters to chase black bears off state land, since they are not allowed to hunt on state land, to shoot and kill them. This barbaric behavior includes killing bear cubs.

Bear Group, a program of the Animal Protection League of New Jersey, created a website and petition to inform people of what legally can be done to stop the bear hunt and protect the bears.


Bear sightings and complaints have increased in the state by 60% this year, but activists state, “Bear hunts do not reduce human-bear conflict, and are no more than trophy hunts, spilling blood of innocent creatures for pleasure.”

Governor Phil Murphy tweeted on Monday, “The 2020 bear hunt will be the LAST,” and vowed to focus on non-lethal management going forward. However, animal activists claim he has the power to cancel this year’s hunt with an executive order and are urging him to do so.

Doris Lin, attorney for the Animal Protection League of New Jersey said, “The governor shut down restaurants, hair salons and jewelry stores, so he can cancel the bear hunt. You can’t drag a bear out of the woods by yourself. We’re not asking for a socially distanced hunt. We’re asking the governor to cancel the hunt.”


Gov. Murphy said he would end the bear hunts if elected in 2016 but the hunt continues with a recently added bow hunt season that begins on October 12.

While hunters argue that hunting is the best way to manage the bear population, others say that black bears are not typically aggressive and will try and avoid humans.

There is a way to peacefully co-exist with bears and activists say it starts with “more effective trash management, and bear-smart policies, not more killing.”

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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