Family’s Pit Bull Was Stolen From Her Family, Until They Found Her In The Most Unpredictable Way

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Everybody loves a story with a happy ending, especially if they’ve had a crummy day. Well, this happy ending story is absolutely PAW-fect. Nina Louise, a sweet little Pit Bull, was stolen from her family in 2013. The family was devastated and they never stopped looking for her. After searching and searching the family found Nina Louise in a most unusual place. They were watching television when they saw coverage of a cockfighting ring being raided by the Humane Society. In the video coverage, a scared and emaciated dog was shown, and April, Nina Louise’s human mom, recognized her beloved pup right away. She contacted the shelter Nina Louise was housed in and  was able to take Nina Louise home. The family was thrilled with finally being reunited with their beloved pup. She wasn’t in the greatest shape, and had become a mama to 10 pups, but Nina Louise was safe and that’s all the family cared about. They nursed their baby back to health and helped her take care of her own babies, until the pups were able to be taken to their own forever home. An amazing and beautiful reunion story that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

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