An NFL Player And His New Wife Refused To Walk Down The Aisle Unless Their Dog Was By Their Side

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Baltimore Ravens center Jeremy Zuttah and Heran Haile were planning the wedding of their dreams. But when they found out that their original venue, City Hall, wouldn’t allow their beloved Pit bull, Ace, they changed venues immediately. They wound up having it last month at a converted gym. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous and the groom looked very handsome, but the cutest one at the wedding? Ace, who was sporting an adorable doggy tuxedo! Ace walked down the aisle as a groomsman (or should I say, groomsdog?) alongside his best friend Zuttah to make his wedding as perfect as they dreamed it’d be.

Jeremy Zuttah & Heran Haile

Jeremy Zuttah & Heran Haile

Zuttah and Haile got Ace when they were still students at Rutgers together. Ace was part of an unexpected litter born to a friend’s dog, and although Haile wasn’t particularly fond of Pit bulls, she agreed to adopt him. Eight years later, and the three of them are inseparable!

Heran Haile and Jeremy Zuttah

Heran Haile and Jeremy Zuttah

Zuttah and Haile are huge advocates for pet adoption, as well as for Pit bulls. Haile would love to devote herself to rescue one day, and they both take credit for Zuttah’s teammate Ronnie Stanley wanting to adopt a dog, when he went to a Baltimore shelter last month and asked to adopt a dog who had been there the longest.

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Ace is used to being the center of attention, as people always come up to him on their walks to give him pets and kisses. He had a few sessions with a dog trainer to make sure his walk down the aisle would be a pawfect one, and it was! You can watch it in the video below:

Once Haile began walking down the aisle, Ace saw her and went nuts. He just wanted to give her endless kisses, so he did! You can watch that precious moment below:

“Ace has changed my life,” Haile told BarkPost. “Honestly, all I want to do is win the Powerball and free all the dogs.”

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