She Was Chained To A House, Drowning In Floodwaters. They Got To Her Just In Time!

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While more than half the state of Texas is under flood watches and warnings, many families have evacuated their homes. Sadly, this family not only abandoned their home, but also their dog. They left her chained to the front porch while water levels continued to rise.


Thankfully, a local Houston news affiliate, KPRC, was doing a story when they saw the helpless pup struggling to keep her head above the water. KPRC reporter Phil Archer and volunteer Jeff Shimek rushed through the floodwaters to get to the poor dog, who was minutes away from drowning. They pulled the do onto their boat and took her to the Houston Humane Society. There, she was bathed, fed, and vaccinated. Watch the rescue in the video below:

And the best news? She was adopted! Sheriff Troy Nehls adopted her and said that “the only water this girl will be in now is the swimming pool in my backyard!”


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