These Newborn Kittens Were Found In A Dumpster. What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart!

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These adorable tiny newborn kittens, barely two days old, were found in a dumpster behind an office building in Carson, California. If it weren’t for one of the office’s employees, these little kitties would never have survived. She was walking to her car when she heard them making sounds. She walked over and looked inside and to her surprise, she found these five helpless newborn kittens.

She rescued them out of there and helped keep them healthy and safe during their first days on this Earth. One of her coworkers bottle-fed them throughout the days. The rest of the office donated money and helped find each of the kittens a foster home. If it weren’t for these people, these kittens would not be the healthy, growing kittens they are today, and most likely not even be alive! Thank God for people with big hearts!

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