They Found A Newborn Chipmunk Lying On The Ground. Then, They Heard THIS Coming From Above Them…

A baby chipmunk had fallen from his mother’s nest, which was on the ledge of a building. A family living below discovered the newborn chipmunk, whose eyes had not even opened yet. They took him in and kept him safe until help arrived.


Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, came immediately to help the poor baby chipmunk. The rescuers said they could hear his mother’s cries non-stop in the background. Three of his siblings were also in the nest, waiting for him. They knew they had to get this little guy back to his heart-broken, worried mother.

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So, the rescuers brought in plenty of rope and scaled the side of the building to bring this baby back to his family. Animal Aid went above and beyond to help this chipmunk family! “All life is precious, no matter how small,” they wrote in the video.

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