The Top Trending Name For A Dog Living In New York City 2019

With 2019 already wrapping up, what better time than now to look back at some of the top pet name trends for the year.

This may come as a surprise to most, but according to, Chicken was the top trending name for New York City dogs! Dottie came up as the most popular name for the city-slicking cats of New York.

Other popular food-themed dog names included Milk, Salty, and Chips.

Rover spokeswoman Kristin Sandberg spoke out about how the names that pet owners give their animals is a reflection of the things they care about the most.

“When it comes to the dog name Chicken, we saw an increase in popularity nationally as well as in NYC, which could possibly be attributed to the Popeyes’ chicken sandwich fast-food craze this year,” Sandberg explained.

While Chicken and Dottie saw the biggest surges in growth, according to, other very popular names for NYC dogs continued to be more traditional such as Max, Charlie, Rocky, Cooper, and Milo for males, and Bella, Luna, Lola, Lucy and Daisy for females.

Max and Bella were also the top names for dogs across the nation.

Oliver was the most popular male cat name, and Luna was the most popular one for female cats.

An increasing number of New Yorkers seemed to think that Met was a winning choice for a pet’s name, while Jet and Yankee started to lose popularity this year.

The television show “Friends” also served as dog name inspiration this year as names like Joey, Phoebe and Chandler, grew in popularity, however, the name Rachel, became less popular.

Another name trend that seemed to grow more was neighborhood-based dog names. The name Bronx went up by 41% and Harlem went up by 142%.

Across the entire country however, it seemed that pet owners were favoring the celebrity names and some of the top contenders were Lizzo and Beyonce. Astonishingly, the name Maisel, inspired by the Amazon show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” went up in popularity by 1,000% according to Rover’s analysis of names submitted by its clients, as well as a survey of 1,500 pet owners.

Who else is already looking forward to the 2020 pet name trends? Let us know.

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