You’ve Never Seen A Baby Pug Be Quite As Adorable As This Little Guy!

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When most people think of pugs, they think of their tiny, adorable bodies and their equally adorable, short snouts. As a very happy (and obsessed) pug owner, I would have to argue that this breed of dog might be the cutest of them all. Disagree? Just wait until you check out the cutest pug in existence while the little guy struggles to learn how to stand on his own four paws!

This beautiful and lovable pug can hardly open his eyes, let alone figure out how to roll on his side and stand up! But every puppy has to learn life lessons on their own, and this is one I’m sure this tiny canine can handle. Hang in there until the end to see if this perseverant, little pug makes it up on those itty-bitty paws of his! I don’t know about you, but my money’s on the fluffy, little guy!

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