This Is Why You Should “NEVER” Let A Pit Bull Near A Kitten!

Of course many people hear “Pit bull” and automatically think of words like “vicious,” “attack,” “fighting,” but us dog lovers know that it’s just a bad rap that these dogs get and that in reality, they can actually be quite lovable! Here is one Pit bull who is a perfect example of that!

Manny, a 95-pound blue-brindle Pit bull, meets Petri the kitten for the first time and his reaction is too adorable for words! At first, he sits there staring at the camera, continuously yawning, while the kitten is playing on the couch in the background. When Manny finally notices the kitten, he walks over to him and puts his face on him. The kitten moves away but Manny keeps his head on the couch, just staring at Petri. Then he keeps trying to rest his head on the kitty as if he were a pillow! It’s so cute how gentle he is with him!!

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