A Car Accident Brought Them Together But Another Threatened To Tear Them Apart

While driving to work with her four dogs, Sirena Cartmell got into a car accident. She was bringing all of her dogs with her to work at the Gadsden Animal Clinic where they would be boarded for a long weekend while Cartmell and her boyfriend went away.

Only a few miles from her destination, a car suddenly pulled out in front of her, causing an accident. Frantic for their safety, Cartmell went to check on her dogs and in a fit of fear, her dog Ness jumped out of the car and took off.

Cartmell took chase, as well as a man who had seen the whole event, but Ness was too fast and got away. Devastated, Cartmell took to social media to help her find her precious dog. Dispatchers from the accident were also looking for Ness. The whole community, even people who had never met Cartmell, were determined to bring Ness home safely.

“There were so many people out looking for her it still blows my mind,” Cartmell told The Dodo. “Between my boss and coworkers to clients at the clinic to people who didn’t even know me but had heard her story.”

Ness and Cartmell had been together for 9 years. She came in to the vet clinic as a puppy, with a few other dogs, when her owner passed away from a car accident. The person who brought Ness in had planned on putting all the dogs down but Cartmell and her coworkers insisted that they could find the new homes for the dogs instead. That was when Cartmell looked at Ness and knew that this puppy belonged with her.

It was a car accident that had brought them together and now another one threatened to tear them apart. Cartmell was NOT accepting this at their fate!

Days went by but finally Cartmell got the call she had been waiting for from a dispatcher that spotted Ness. Ness was terrified and the dispatcher couldn’t catch her.

“I asked them to buy her a cheeseburger or something — she loves scrap food — and I’d pay them back and be there in the hour,” Cartmell said. “She called me back maybe two minutes later and said they had her. It took a lot to hold back my emotion until I knew it was her, so I asked her to send me a picture. When I saw her with the officer I immediately broke down in tears.”

Ness, home safely with her human and the rest of her pack, can rest easy now. Fate brought them together and then helped keep them together.

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