Woman Threatens To Kill Neighbor’s Dog Over Stolen WiFi Password In Shocking Viral Video

The world is filled with good neighbors, but there are also plenty of bad ones. But we’re pretty sure (and sincerely hope) your bad neighbor doesn’t hold a candle to the woman below, who wasn’t just stealing her neighbor’s wifi, but threatened to kill her neighbor’s dog when that person dared to change the password.

A user named ‘Content Hub’ uploaded two videos of this surreal scene on TikTok, where the clips quickly went viral. A caption explains that the neighbor, who is shouting insults and threats from the front porch, is angry because they’ve changed the Wifi password, meaning the neighbor can no longer steal it. “CRAZY neighbor tries to break in because I changed the wifi,” the caption reads.


Crazy neighbor is at my door because I changed the wifi password #crazy #publicfreakout #neighbor #wifi #fyp

♬ original sound – Content Hub

“I live here! It’s illegal,” the world’s worst neighbor shouted, falsely insisting that she is entitled to surf her neighbor’s internet for free. “Come outside, let’s talk,” she continued. “Give me the f–king WiFi before you get arrested, and your mom.”

This TikTok user rightly decided not to open the door or engage with her neighbor, who clearly isn’t acting in a rational manner. Unfortunately, not getting her way only sends this woman into more of a rage, and her threats quickly become deadly in nature. “You want me to try that way, or you want your dog to come dead?” the irate neighbor shouted. “I have ways in, and your dog won’t be breathing tomorrow.”


Crazy neighbor is at my door because I changed the wifi password PART 2 #crazy #publicfreakout #neighbor #wifi #fyp

♬ original sound – Content Hub

The second part of this encounter is even more alarming. “Dog. Doggie? Dead,” the neighbor shouts in a second video, before threatening the dog’s owner with bodily harm amid a torrent of foul language. The neighbor also falsely insists that killing a dog isn’t against the law because dogs aren’t human beings. “What are you gonna do? Find a new one?” she asks evilly.

For the sake of the dogs, and this TikTok user’s safety, we think it’s time for him or her to call the police. This neighbor is clearly unhinged and not thinking clearly. Somebody needs to make sure she’s not a danger to herself, her neighbors, or any pets.

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments!

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