Abandoned Senior Pit Bull Is Rescued Just In Time From High-Kill Shelter

Layla, a 10-year-old Pit Bull, was surrendered by her owners to a high-kill shelter in North Carolina, because they said she was pregnant again. Pit Bulls do not last long at high-kill shelters because of the bad reputation associated with the breed. This sweet dog was running out of time with the odds stacked against her.

Layla was not likely to get adopted because of her breed, she was considered a senior, and pregnant. However, a rescue swooped in just in time to save her.

Guardians of Rescue stepped in and brought Layla to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue. When she arrived she was malnourished and heartworm positive. After months of treatment, the heartworm was eliminated. Unfortunately, all of her puppies died. The puppies were not able to survive since Layla was neglected for so long.

“Poor Layla was so depleted and defeated,” posted Guardians of Rescue. Layla’s luck turned around when she met David and Lisa. They adopted Layla and brought joy back into her life. Fast forward a year, Layla is a happy dog who loves to cuddle. Her adventures to the beach bring a smile to her face. Thankfully, she is treated like a queen and has found the perfect home.

Do not judge a dog by their breed. There are thousands of homeless dogs and they all want loving homes.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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