These Napping Kittens Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Cuter… Until They DO At :09!!

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If you’ve ever owned a cat or a kitten, then you know how much the adorable felines love their sleep! Whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day, cats can snooze pretty much any time throughout the day, (Jealous!) just like the two adorable kittens caught napping here.

If you think things couldn’t get any cuter than the two of these precious, little kittens napping, just wait!! The kittens take it to a whole new level of cute around :09 in! The way they hold each other tight while sleeping is downright adorable! Is the lullaby soundtrack making anyone else get a little sleepy, or is that just me dozing off and daydreaming about adopting these two cozy felines??

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