It’s Nap Time For This Husky…But His Doggy Brother REALLY Wants To Play!

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Huskies are extremely energetic dogs, but just like humans, sometimes they need a little break. This white Husky has found time to take a little nap, but his doggy brother, a black and white Husky, has other things in mind. It’s obvious that the black and white pup has way more energy than his brother! While the white one is lying down on the couch trying to catch some z’s, his brother begins to nudge him over and over again with his two front paws to try and wake him up. But he won’t even budge!

The black and white Husky is very persistent though, and refuses to give up. When the white one doesn’t wake up, his brother stands over him, starts growling at him and playfully biting on his ears. It then causes the white Husky to change positions, but he continues with his nap. Eventually, he’s had enough and starts fighting back while nearly falling off the couch. Needless to say, the black and white Husky was eventually successful in waking up his brother. Poor pup, he was just trying to catch up on his beauty rest!

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