Golden Retriever Given “Best Nanny” Title in an Adorable Instagram Reel

Golden retrievers are considered one of the best family dog breeds you can adopt. Their gentle and friendly personalities make them excellent companions at home. Goldies are also intelligent dogs, so they are easy to train and quick to learn many tricks. Photos and videos of golden retrievers are one of the most shared content on the internet. Even on social media, pet accounts for goldies have many followers, and a lot of them are internet famous. The sweet golden retriever is truly a gift to humanity.

A California family is lucky to have a golden retriever named Maui. He wasn’t just a good best friend but also the sweet nanny to the couple’s son, Eric. Maui is always seen by Eric’s side, and the two have built an endearing bond. They also have another sibling, who is a Corgi named Ruby. Maui has an Instagram account that is managed by his human parents. They share the family’s daily life with their beloved Goldie — which most of the reels have already reached millions of views. A video that reached millions of views is a montage of Maui with Eric, showing that the golden retriever is the best nanny out there. Maui was willing to do anything for Eric — whether wearing sunglasses or getting a shot from a non-medical technician.

The golden retriever clearly loves Eric, and he doesn’t mind the child’s playfulness. Instagram users from across the world commented on the reel, and they were all praising Maui’s amazing personality. Watching content from Maui’s Instagram account might even tempt you to adopt your own golden retriever. This is the type of content that you will share with someone who had a difficult day. Maui is effortlessly funny, and you can even see it on his Instagram bio that he is a comedian.

He is not just a funny dog, but he is also very talented. In every Instagram reel of Maui, people can’t help but admire his natural talent in front of the camera. He knows how to entertain people — a nanny during normal days and a star on Instagram. There was also a video with Ruby where they created artwork with their human mom — they totally nailed that one! Dogs really do exceed people’s expectations and are full of surprises. Get to know their family by following Maui’s Instagram account and also Ruby the corgi. Eric is definitely lucky to have them by his side during childhood and until he grows up.

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