Terrified Shelter Dog Never Left Her Corner. But When A Boy Entered, Her Whole Demeanor Changed

This Pit bull, named Nala, was rescued off the streets of New Zealand and brought to Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue. She was extremely scared and depressed and refused to move from her spot in the back of her kennel.

The owner of the shelter, Abbie Van Der Plax, spent two days sitting on the floor, trying to gain Nala’s trust so that she would come over to her. She kept trying, but to no avail. Nala would growl and tremble and had no intention of getting up. It was clear that the new environment of a shelter was very stressful for Nala.

That is, until Van Der Plax’s seven-year-old son, Zach, arrived. Zach sat down right next to his mom, in front of Nala’s kennel, and the second Nala saw him, her entire personality changed. She immediately got up and walked right over to them, wagging her tail and looking so much happier.

They brought Nala home with them and are now fostering her while she deals with her anxiety. Since she feels more comfortable in the presence of children, Van Der Plax believes that once upon a time, there was a child in Nala’s life who she really had a connection with.

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