Man Found a Tiny Squirrel in a Bag of Mulch. Months later, These Two Are Inseparable

Reddit user Nadtacular has a heart of gold for all the creatures on Earth. When opening a bag of mulch to nourish his yard, the Florida native stumbled on to a tiny surprise. Meet Zip, the squirrel Nadtacular saved and befriended.

Nadtacular found Zip as only a baby in need of nourishment and warmth.

So the gardener kept the little guy warm and force-fed him milk.

After two weeks, little Zip was growing and eating on his own – and obviously comfortable with his humans.

A growing body needs plenty of sleep.

At last Zip’s eyes started to open…would the little guy recognize anything?

The squirrel was clearly a bit attached…

…and getting comfortable and playful throughout Nadtacular’s life.

Not being taught to forage for food by an adult, Nadtacular kept feeding Zip.

Nadtacular and Zip have a working relationship – Nad works, Zip begs.

And it doesn’t seem they’ll be separating any time soon.

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