A Man Was Photographing An Alaskan River When He Saw Something Mysterious Swimming In The Water…

Craig McCaa, who works for the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska, was taking pictures of the Chena River in Fairbanks last week when he noticed something strange. He noticed a 15-foot long object swaying in the water. He assumed it was a rope that had chunks of ice attached to it, but he filmed it anyway.

He uploaded the video to Facebook, and it went viral. Tons of people have commented on the video, proposing their wild theories as to what it could be. One viewer joked that the Loch Ness monster must have had some offspring that made their way to Alaska. Some thought it was a branch or a clump of weeds, while others were convinced that it was a living animal, like an eel or a sturgeon, swimming against the current.

I guess we’ll never know for sure! Watch the video below and let us know what YOU think it is!

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