Dog Carries Her Bowl Around And Does The “Wiggle Butt” Dance When She’s Hungry

It’s no secret that dogs love their food. And they’re not shy about expressing their joy at getting a treat or a meal handed to them. And there is one adorable little pooch that has melted hearts all across the internet with her little “wiggle butt” dance prior to getting fed.

Mya is a bridle pitfall who first came to Briana Maiola as a foster dog. The little pittie was not feeling that great. The poor dog was in bad shape and she did not have much of an appetite when she first arrived.

But with a little coaxing, Mya became a food enthusiast. And she shows it off in the cutest of ways.

The adorable dog will often carry around her bowls and perform a food dance of sorts. Maiola refers to the pooch with the adorable nomer, “Mya the Hungry Wiggle Butt.”

Mya loves her food so much now that she takes her bowls all over the house. Occasionally, she’ll even try to leave the house with her bowls.

While the three-year-old pup’s actions might be a little comical, they definitely bring smiles to our faces. And the pup seems to enjoy the laughs.

Watch her famous dance below:

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