My Dog is My Support During War in Ukraine

I would like to share with you my story, my love, the best friend in my life, and my family, a dog named Kira.

My story started last July 18th, 2021. I saw online a picture of a dog, and without sleeping all night, I ran in the morning to the pet shelter to get her. I adopted the dog and brought her home the next day. She was already 5 months old. She came from a litter of four, and I renamed her Kira. I can’t tell you how happy I was to bring this shy and timid girl home.

Photo: Iryna Caro

War in Ukraine

These days, since Russia invaded Ukraine, my dog is my biggest support. It is unbelievable what is going on because we [Russia and Ukraine] were same. I have my family and friends in Ukraine. Some of them I have lost connections with because of this, and who knows if we will ever meet again. It is so sad, but really it is a fact. I am glad that Kira always interrupts my sadness and my crying by bringing me a toy. She loves to play a lot, and she has many toys. She is very picky to humans, but she loves everybody, as well as dogs and cats.

Photo: Iryna Caro

Making the Most of Life

She goes to the dog park regularly to run extra and meet her furry friends. Kira loves being the center of attention and loves to discover new things by her nose while on her walks. She is calm while she sleeps, or otherwise she has to be very tired. I love her personality and character. I cook for her on a regular basis, as well as I dry meat, so she enjoys her real beef and chicken jerkies. All she wants out of life is a good snuggle, a tasty snack, and a good nap during the day.

Photo: Iryna Caro

Moral Support

Kira has been helping me to go through a very hard time since my family is in Ukraine. I don’t know what would I do without Kira. I feel she is my soul, believe it or not. Kira is my best moral support. She kisses me hundreds, sometimes thousands of times, per day. I think it is to tell me, “everything is good, and we have to keep up through this war.” I am very happy to have her, and I feel she has been rescuing me, and I didn’t rescue her.

Photo: Iryna Caro

Situation Deteriorating

Sadly, the news from home — when I get it — is bad. Nowadays, there is very often no electricity and hot water. This means no lights inside the apartment or working refrigerator. My mom sleeps almost without taking clothes off after coming in from outside. Stores do not work either with no lighting. The public transportation often does not work because of military alarms/sirens. I get news only when there is mobile internet there. WiFi does not work much there. I cry often, and Kira makes me to become calm. She still licks my tears and makes me keep going. I love her to the moon and back!

I want to say thanks a lot, Kira, for being my support throughout this, the most difficult time in my life. You are my love! Glory to Ukraine!

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