How I turned into a dog person

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I didn’t grow up in a household that had dogs. We had a few cats and some gerbils, but that was about it. I honestly didn’t think I was missing out on anything by not having one. When I was a junior in college, my brother got a chocolate lab for his 18th birthday. Since I didn’t live at home, I didn’t have much of a connection with her. We just weren’t dog people!

Flash forward 5 years-I was engaged to be married to a man who grew up with dogs. They always had a dog or two and he was ready to have one of his own again. When my sister-in-law had a neighbor who was mistreating her black lab, we rescued him but were only planning on giving him a temporary home. Little did I know that he would be our forever dog!

black labrador

Let me be honest, I didn’t want a dog. I didn’t like dogs licking me or drooling on me. I didn’t like to pet dogs and if I did I would immediately wash my hands and be done with them. But this dog, this beautiful, shiny, innocent black lab stole my heart from the very beginning. He needed someone to love him and I was going to be that person. And little did I know that I needed to love a dog and he was the perfect dog for me! He was the most well behaved dog (I don’t want to know how he got to be this way) and he loved me from the moment he stepped foot into my house. This is what unconditional love feels like!

We guess he was about a year old when he came to live with us so he still had puppy tendencies. He dug holes in the yard and he chewed up things that he shouldn’t have. He shed like crazy and made it look like I never swept or vacuumed. He didn’t bark much but you knew if he didn’t like someone. He was a dog and somehow, I loved him despite all the fur and the slobber that he so suddenly brought into my life.

So for someone who swore they would never have a dog, I was now the biggest dog lover ever. And what had I learned from this handsome, furry face who loved to love me?

I learned that dogs are messy. They roll in things that are stinky and step in things that are dirty. They shed like crazy no matter what time of the year it is. They drool. A lot. Even more so when you are eating. They lick you when they want to show you love. They want you to pet them non-stop. They can tell time, I swear! They know what time you should be feeding them and won’t let you rest until you do. They would rather lay on the couch than on their own bed or the floor. They like to go for rides and get nose prints on your car windows. They snore and have dreams, just like you and me. They have feelings that you can easily hurt without meaning to but they are also quick to forgive. They don’t let you sleep in but if you get up and feed them on time, they might let you go back to bed for awhile. They love attention and snuggles.

They love you with every ounce of their being no matter what. They make you a better person. They make this world a better place. You will quickly forget the “bad” things that come with having a dog in your life. Only the good things will matter when your heart belongs to a furry, lovable, sweet-hearted dog!

Family with black lab dog

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