My Dog Won’t Poop In Her Own Yard. What Can I Do?

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Question submitted by Marti
I have a precious Maltise/Yorkie. My problem with her is we adopted her and she will not poop in her own yard. I have to walk her. My guess is she was in the shelter and was walked a lot. Due to my health I can’t always walk her, especially in rain and snow. Any ideas? She does go out to urinate in the yard so no problems there. I have tried to walk her in the yard with the leash. No luck there. If I can’t walk her she looks at me and cries. 🙁 Thank you

Terry’s answer


You are on the right track with taking her out on the leash. Just be more patient and when she does go in her own yard, make a big deal out of it. Give her a treat and tell her what a good girl she is. Going in another yard is a habit she will have to break and replace with the habit to go in her own yard. Try getting her on a schedule for feeding and going outside. If you cannot walk her, see if a neighbor or friend can walk her. Exercise is an important factor for elimination.

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