My cats love one another. What are the pros/cons of having them share the same food bowl?

Cats should never eat from the same bowl, no matter how much they seem to love each other. Avoid problems and feed them separately—in different rooms, if possible.

Make no mistake, when you have multiple cats, the cats typically develop a pecking order and, especially when it comes to food, competition can arise and fights can occur.

It is also true that cats who live in multiple cat households tend to revert to more wild behavior than do cats that live in single cat families; that mean one will become much more territorial, while the others will go out of their way to avoid fighting and injury.

Always supervise feeding time and feed each cat out of her own dish. It is best to feed the cats away from each other. Otherwise, one of the cats will dominate the food and become overweight, while the other won’t get her fair share and could become too thin.

Eating too fast is another problem that can be caused by feeding the cats too close to each other, whether or not they’re eating from the same dish. One cat will possibly nudge and bully and while the other, bullied cat will become so fearful of having her food stolen that she’ll gobble—and this causes all kinds of health problems, ranging from vomiting (because of swallowing too much air) to choking.

There’s also another, more obvious reason not to feed them from the same bowl: The cats may have different eating habits and tastes. One cat may prefer wet food and smaller meals while the other will only eat dried kibble. One may have better “manners” than the other; cats can be finicky, so it’s possible for one cat to be affected and “turned off” by a sloppy eater.

There is one positive about having multiple cats, though—they can provide companionship for each other, especially important in a household where the owners are away for a length of time.

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