My cat hates the leash. Can I just let her roam free?

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While many want their cats to enjoy fresh air and sunshine—and even feel guilty confining them to the indoors—it’s just too dangerous. Your cat can contract fatal diseases and parasites, be killed or tortured or cat napped. Not to mention that some bushes and plants can actually be toxic to her.

Some cats just don’t like to walk on leashes, and if your cat is one of them– but still wants to go outside, here are some safe alternatives:

• Cradle her: Start in the yard and let her sniff and explore at will. Start with a minute or two and then gradually work up to 10 or 15 minutes and maybe even go some greater distances. By the way, you can also carry her to the park and sit there for a while with her on your lap. It’s a great way a great way to get your pet used to the scary world of the outdoors. Make sure she is wearing a harness and a leash is clipped to the D-ring.
• Use a carrier: Get one a mesh one with a drawstring adjustment and a metal clip that attaches to a harness for extra safety. You can find them in pet stores.
• Strollers: Okay, some people will look at your like you’re crazy, but so what? The models come with a durable nylon netting “cage” so your cat can enjoy the outdoor experience, and a water-resistant canvas shade for protection from the sun. Some even have little “pockets” that convert to backpacks, car carriers, and beds.
• Outdoor enclosures: If your cat really wants to free-roam, this is the ideal solution. It’s an outdoor enclosure, built from scratch, with your own or purchased plans, or assembled as modular enclosures. Some even come with fun things like a patio, balcony, or deck, using black nylon mesh netting for fresh air, sunshine and view.

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